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The Battle of the Ardennes, also known as the Battle of the Bulge, was the last major offensive of the German Wehrmacht on the western front in World War II. The battle took place from December 16, 1944 to January 25 1945 and was won by the Allies. The Battle of the Bulge is called this way because of the shape of the front line (a bulge or sack).

During our trip on the Ardennes offensive, we will travel to the forests of Foy, where the shooter pits can still be seen from Easy Company, 101st Airborne Division. The group of soldiers who sat here has been immortalized in the series of Steven Spielberg, Band of Brothers. We will also visit the historic town of Bastogne where a lot has happened during the Second World War. The Bastogne War Museum and the Bastogne Barracks are also in the program. Here General McAuliffe spoke the well-known word "NUTS!" In response to the ultimatum that the German troops had set when they had surrounded Bastogne. We will also visit the Mardasson monument, the December 44 museum in la Gleize and the Baugnez 44 museum during our battlefield tour on the Ardennes offensive. The American cemeteries of Margraten and Henri-Chapelle will certainly not be missed, in which we will commemorate the many victims of this major offensive. Curious about this impressive journey? View an example itinerary below and contact us if you want to book this tour as a tailor made custom battlefield tour.



  • Margraten Cemetary
  • Bastogne War Museum
  • Mardasson Monument
  • La Gleize “Museum December 44”
  • Malmedy
  • Baugnez 44 Museum
  • Lanzerath
  • Houffalize
  • Bastogne Barracks
  • Nurse Renee Lemaire rustplaats
  • Patton monument
  • Halt Station
  • The forests of Foy
  • German cemetary Recogne
  • US Military cemetary Henri-Chapelle


Day 1


First we will visit the cemetery of Margraten. This is one of the larger American military cemeteries on the European mainland, where a total of 8301 young soldiers found their final resting place. The white marble crosses and David stars in the beautiful rolling Limburg landscape are the silent and lasting reminder of the horrors of the Second World War. After this we continue to the Bastogne War Museum, which is dedicated to the Second World War in Belgium. It places the causes, events and consequences of the Second World War in a new and modern context, with the Battle of the Ardennes as an angle. In the museum you will get an explanation of the different consequences of one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever experienced and after this we will visit the Mardasson Memorial. This memorial stands for the lasting friendship between the Belgian and American people, who fought shoulder to shoulder during the battle of victory they waged during the Battle of the Ardennes in December "44 and January" 45. After this visit to the museum and monument we will continue to our hotel, where we will spend the upcoming days. During the journeys, films and documentaries will be shown about the different commemorative places that we are going to visit.

Day 2


The next day we will drive to La Gleize after the extensive breakfast buffet. In the village of la Gleize, where Kampfgruppe Peiper was established during the war, the beautiful Museum December 44 is located in a historic building. The museum is completely devoted to the "Battle of the Bulge", better known as the Ardennes Offensive and there is also a Köningstiger 213 tank to be seen in front of the museum. Then we drive on to Malmedy, which is also known as "The Malmedy Massacre". At this point, a large number of American soldiers were shot in cold blood after they surrendered to the Germans, and our next visit to the Baugnez 44 Historical Center will be partly devoted to this. The visit to the museum is done with an audio guide, after which there is also a film showing the Battle of the Ardennes. After this we will continue to Lanzerath. Here our guide will tell the story of the Battle of Lanzerath that took place on December 16, 1944, the first day of The Battle of the Bulge during the Second World War. Once back in Houffalize, our guide will tell the story about the battle of Houffalize, where you can still find remains of to this day. Today it is also possible to have dinner in the village in the evening.

Day 3


Today we will mainly spend a lot of time in Bastogne and the surrounding sights. We start with the Bastogne Barracks, also called the "Nuts Cave". It is a museum managed by the Belgian army and is a tribute to the heroes who fought during the Battle of the Ardennes. We get a tour here and visit the "Nuts" cellar, among other things. At this place General McAuliffe, the commander of the 101 airborne division, spoke the memorable word “NUTS” in response to the German demand for surrender. We are also going to discover the "Vehicle Restoration Center", where the armored vehicles of the Royal Army Museum have been given a second life. Next, we will visit the resting place of nurse Renee Lemaire, who has become known by the HBO series Band of Brothers. After the explanation from our guide, we will visit several points in Bastogne itself, such as the monument to General McAuliffe and the monument to General George Patton. After Bastogne we will continue to Foy. For those who have seen the series on the 101st Airborne Division "Band of Brothers", the forests of Foy will certainly be familiar. At this place you can still find foxholes and we will also visit "Halt Station" and the church of Foy that served as Aid Station during the Ardennes Offensive.

Day 4


We will visit two more important cemeteries on this last day. First the German cemetery Recogne, where 6776 German casualties are located and then the American cemetery Henri-Chapelle where 7989 fallen soldiers have found their final resting place. Everything comes to an end and we will drive back to the starting point after this informative, impressive and emotional 4 days. Do you want to book this interesting battlefield tour as a private tailor made tour for your group? Contact us then by phone or e-mail.